Griffith Observatory Sunrise Engagement Session

This sunrise engagement session at the Griffith Observatory is one of my favorite ones yet! Josh and Kayla love the city and the view of Los Angeles here is amazing so it was the perfect location for them. I’m so happy they were down for shooting at sunrise because it’s my favorite time to be at the observatory - there aren't as many people around, parking is free before they open, and you can always find a spot in the upper lot (if you’ve been to LA you know how much of a struggle parking can be hahaha). But most importantly, the sunrise is so golden and dreamy and it’s just the best light everrrr.
Trust me, it’s 100% worth waking up early for!!

Kayla and Josh are the sweetest and I loved getting to know them and hearing all about their relationship and life together. They are best friends and their love for each other definitely shows! 

Also side note: I just had to include in here the fact that Kayla and Josh told me they almost bought me a poop emoji pillow because of the Instagram stories I’ve posted about my boyfriend, Jesse, and I talking about poop LOL it makes me laugh every time I think about that conversation 😂😂😂