hi there!

i’m carrie — a full time wedding and elopement photographer based in southern california

here are a few of my favorite things in the world:

lists (lol)
crime shows
road trips
twitter humor
post malone
Domino’s pizza
third wheeling with cute couples in epic places


when i’m not shooting or editing away at my computer, i’m most likely hanging out with my cutie music producer boyfriend, jesse. we’re complete weirdos who slap each other’s butts 24/7, call ourselves boods (i’ll tell you the story if you ask lol), and spend way too much money on poké bowls and sushi burritos.

if “warm” was a color it would be my favorite one. i seriously love the sun in every way. i love soaking up the warmth of it on summer days, i love watching it rise in the mornings and set at night. i’m inspired by the shadows it creates and the way its light falls at different times of the day. i’m also inspired by movement and connection and nature and i love more than anything being able to combine these inspirations into work that is not only meaningful to me but to my couples as well.

my kinda people

while you don’t have to look a specific way, make a certain amount of money, or be planning the fanciest, trendiest wedding to work with me, I do think it’s super important to choose a photographer that you vibe really well with and it’s just as important to me that I feel the same way. I work best with couples who are a little more laid back, young at heart, down to be silly and goofy, and who aren't afraid to show me how in love they are. I like capturing the intimate, romantic moments just as much as the messy, playful ones. those throw your head back belly laughs, eyes and nose crinkling smiles, tight hugs and sweet kisses, hair in face, dirt on your dress but I don’t even care kinda moments.

if that sounds like something you’re into, then let’s be friends.