hi there!

i’m carrie! i’m obsessed with cats, have wildflowers tattooed on my arm, and never leave home without chapstick. i clean when i’m stressed, i love mayonnaise way too much, and if “warm” was a color it would be my favorite one. my heart is happiest and i’m most inspired when i’m outside adventuring through God’s creations and i’ve got a bucket list a mile long. i’m very into post malone and matcha and sending memes to my besties 10x a day. i wear the same three outfits over and over again and there’s not a movie out there that’s too gory or scary for me.

i started this with a lot of random things about me because it’s important to me that i’m not seen as “just a photographer” to you or a vendor who shows up at your wedding, collects a check, and leaves. i’m a weirdo human just like you (and if you say you’re not weird well.. i ain’t calling you a truther!) you’re definitly more than just another client to me and it’s my hope that by the time your photos are delivered i’ll be able to call you a life long friend. i mean, i’m gonna be there on one of the biggest days of your whole life!! from the very start, i want to get to know you as much as possible so i can serve you in the best way! i wanna know how you two met, what made you fall in love, and what you’re looking forward to most in your future lives together! so yes, i’m going to stalk you on IG as soon as you submit a contact form, i’ll reply to your stories every time you post a photo of your pets, and i PROMISE i’m going to be just as excited as you are when you pick out your dress (so duh send me pics please!)!

my work

if there’s one thing i strive to capture in all my shoots (beside ~love~ obviously) it’s connection. i’m absolutely fascinated with the way people interact together, especially when they’re in love. tell a couple to “hug like you haven’t seen each other in 3 months” and you might get a romantic embrace, a huge squeeze with a little swaying back and forth, or a full on koala wrap-your-legs-around-his-waist jump hug. that’s the thing - every couple is unique and i want to capture YOU. how you two kiss, how you cuddle, how you poke fun at each other when no one else is around.

if you’re into traditional photography where you’re smiling at the camera the whole time or you want to recreate an entire pinterest board of poses, then we might not be the best fit. i’m all about capturing REAL moments. those smiles that crinkle up your eyes and nose, laughs that rock your whole body, sweet stolen glances between two people in love. those posed shots are nice - and (don’t worry moms and grammas) I won't leave them out - but my favorite photos are the ones that capture the candid, genuine, in-betweens. 

if this sounds like what you’re into then let’s be friends.