Grand Canyon Couples Shoot - Arizona Adventure Session

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but the Grand Canyon, is like, really really grand. It’s been a huge bucket list location for me basically my whole life because I was just always told it should be. Everyone has to see the Grand Canyon, right? But becoming a photographer gave this place a whole new appeal. I didn’t just want to see the Grand Canyon, I NEEDED to. I’ve always loved adventure and exploring new places, but now it’s literally my favorite thing in the world to do that AND take photos at the same time. Gimme a cutie couple in love in an epic location and I’m happy as can be.

HUGE shoutout to Delcy, Noah, Maggie, and Brock for driving all the way to the Grand Canyon to meet up for a fun photoshoot. They were all seriously a blast to hang out with and we got to see an amazing sunset in one of the most epic places I’ve ever been.

Make sure to scroll all the way down to see both sets of photos :)
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Delcy + Noah


Maggie + Brock