“We decided to do a bridal session for a couple reasons. First of all, we wanted beautiful pictures in a beautiful place to keep forever and we also wanted our wedding day to be less stressful trying to get the perfect shots. And a bonus is, we can display our photos at our reception! We LOVED Carrie! We live in Utah but had the dream to take pictures in San Diego area so we booked a photographer we heard of and planned our trip. Just two days before the shoot date, the photographer backed out. I was PANICKED! I sent a plea for help to a couple photographers on instagram, Carrie included. I loved her style and was sure there was no way she'd be down to shoot the very next day! She was so kind and told us that she was available and would love to take our pictures. I honestly think that was a miracle because the pictures ended up incredible, exactly what we wanted! She was great at letting us do our thing, but also giving us poses. She has an incredible talent for using light in a beautiful way in pictures! PLUS she spent time photoshopping the railings out of our photos to give us a magical look. She was amazing and I would recommend her highly!” 

Bailey + Nate

“We were beyond lucky to have Carrie photograph our tiny Palm Springs wedding. From the very first email, she was incredibly professional and clear while also being so personable and warm in all of her communication with us (we live abroad so this was very appreciated!). One scroll through her gorgeous Instagram and we knew we had struck gold! When the big day finally came, we were so preoccupied with random details (it was a tiny 8-guest family only wedding, but still...) that I felt like I hadn't really been in touch with her to let her know how everything was all going to play out... but she arrived early and sprung into action, immediately putting us at ease with her calm, sweet presence. It is an understatement to say that I am not photogenic. Luckily Carrie knew exactly how to gently direct my husband and me with prompts and encouragement. I could not be more grateful to her for the photos and memories she created for us on one of the biggest days of our lives. If I could hire her again I would, in a heartbeat! Carrie, thank you again and I am so happy to continue to follow your much deserved success!”

susannah + rory

“Carrie was so amazing and she captures some of our most favorite memories. We booked our engagements and wedding with Carrie. We loved our engagement photos so much we used them for our wedding invite and placed them as a sprinkle on our cupcakes at our wedding. Throughout the day Carrie was so sweet and supportive of our vision. We had a last minute venue change a few months before the wedding and Carrie was not phased. To further share how adaptable Carrie is, our outdoor wedding quickly became an indoor wedding due to a brief rain shower that resulted in moving our seating and alter indoors. From what I know Carrie worked well with my friend who was the day of coordinator. My favorite shots from our wedding day are the ones of us getting ready. She managed to capture the true essence of the day. And at the end of all of it... Carrie gifted my husband and I with the sweetest most thoughtful gift. Having Carrie as our photographer was perfect for our laidback California themed wedding. I would surely book her again!”

britney + frank

“Carrie is an absolute dream to work with! My husband and I recently booked her to shoot our small wedding ceremony with close family and friends and we could not have made a better choice. She captured more than just the moment in time by really capturing the emotion behind it. Not only is she amazingly talented in her craft, but her kindness, professionalism, and patience make her stand out from the rest. She always responded to various forms of communication promptly and delivered the most beautiful images I have ever seen. I highly recommend working with her and have already recommended her to many family and friends. Carrie, thank you so much for making our day truly magical. We hope to work with you again in the future to capture the beautiful moments life will bring.”

Brittany + Reynaldo