sunset proposal

Michael + Kelly - OUE Skyspace Proposal

Michael contacted me early in July saying that he wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Kelly, and have me capture it. His first idea was to do it at the Griffith Observatory on a Saturday at sunset, but if you've ever been to the Griffith Observatory on a Saturday at sunset then you probably know why we decided not to do that haha (crowded AF). We went over a few other options and decided that hiking to a view of the city wouldn't be the best either since Kelly would most likely be wearing heels. That's when Michael suggested the Skyspace Observatory. 70 floors up above the streets with an amazing view of downtown LA - okay PERFECT!! After switching dates around in order to make sure we got the time slot at Skyspace with the best light, we finally had a plan in place.

I brought my boyfriend, Jesse, along with me on this shoot so he could get some video footage of the proposal and he was just as excited about everything going on as I was haha! We arrived early to get to the sky deck and met Will (on the guitar + singing) and a couple of Michael and Kelly's loved ones who were also helping out with the surprise. As you can see in the photos below, the sunset was AMAZING - we were all getting so hyped for the soon-to-be engaged couple to arrive. The part of the deck where we were was sectioned off from the rest, but a crowd started to form at the rope once people realized something exciting was about to happen. So like, EVERYONE was READY. 

When we finally got the heads up that Michael and Kelly had just got off the elevator, we all got in our places. The doors opened and out they walked. Kelly had the biggest smile on her face and I'm pretty sure everyone else on the deck mirrored that smile on their faces too. Michael got down on his knee and proposed, Kelly cried a little, (we all cried a little LOL), then when Michael stood back up and they kissed, they got a huge round of applause from all the onlookers. It was incredible. 

Congrats again, Michael and Kelly!! 

Scroll down to see the photos and then click the video link if you really wanna feel like you were there!

Click here to watch Jesse's video.

(Disclaimer: he's not a professional videographer and this is his first time filming something like this. But he really enjoyed it, so maybe in the future we'll get to be a photo/video team hehe)