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Snowy Zion National Park Engagement Session

Snowy Zion National Park Engagement Session

Matt proposed to Eryn at the top of Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park last summer (as Eryn put it in her first email to me, “he definitely made me work for that one!!” hahaha) so doing their engagement session here seemed like the perfectttt idea!

Grand Canyon Couples Shoot - Arizona Adventure Session

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but the Grand Canyon, is like, really really grand. It’s been a huge bucket list location for me basically my whole life because I was just always told it should be. Everyone has to see the Grand Canyon, right? But becoming a photographer gave this place a whole new appeal. I didn’t just want to see the Grand Canyon, I NEEDED to. I’ve always loved adventure and exploring new places, but now it’s literally my favorite thing in the world to do that AND take photos at the same time. Gimme a cutie couple in love in an epic location and I’m happy as can be.

HUGE shoutout to Delcy, Noah, Maggie, and Brock for driving all the way to the Grand Canyon to meet up for a fun photoshoot. They were all seriously a blast to hang out with and we got to see an amazing sunset in one of the most epic places I’ve ever been.

Make sure to scroll all the way down to see both sets of photos :)
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Delcy + Noah


Maggie + Brock

Azusa Canyon Engagement Session | Ashley + Chris | California Wedding Photographer

Ashley and Chris are such a sweet couple and I feel so blessed that I get to work with them!! Their engagement session was so fun and considering we couldn’t find a bathroom on the way to the location, I’m honestly surprised no one peed their pants with all the laughing we did hahaha. So excited for their wedding in March!

PS: there’s more #piggybackfunnies (refer to last blog post if confused) at the end so make sure to scroll all the way down ;)

Joshua Tree Boho Styled Elopement | California Elopement Photographer

Joshua Tree National Park is the PERFECT backdrop for a romantic desert elopement and the sunsets there are some of the most amazing I’ve ever seen. These photos are the best proof I can give you!

Zo’e is a model babe for real for real but I think we can all agree her husband Mike is also a model?! I love the hashtag she’s been using on instagram: #getmikeysigned hahaha. Seriously, they were just amazing to photograph together and so much fun!! Oh, and the FLOWERS. Ale created the dreamiest floral arrangements that complimented the desert colors and the overall theme of our shoot so perfectly!! *heart eyes*

Photography: Carrie Rogers Photography
Florals: Aquarela Gifts and Flowers
Couple: Zo’e and Mike Cole
Dress: Grace Loves Lace
Tux: The Black Tux


Want photos like this but don’t want to miss out on spending your wedding day with all your friends and family? Schedule an adventure session sometime after your wedding (or before — early first look, anyone??) in an epic location that’s special to the two of you! Any excuse to put your dress back on is a good idea, right??

Wendell + Naela - Palm Springs Engagement Session

This was one of the most fun engagement sessions I've ever had! Jesse came with me for the road trip and we hopped in the car with these two as soon as we met up and drove around to find a few spots to take photos (with a slushy stop in between). It was sooo hot (as can be expected from a desert town in mid-summer) but we still managed to get some great shots and had an awesome time too! We ended the night with sushi and drinks and Wendell and Naela showed us around the downtown area. Pretty perfect first Palm Springs experience if you ask me. Hopefully we all get to hang out together again soon!!