adventure photoshoot

Mason + Miranda - Point Dume Proposal

Okay, so ANOTHER proposal story. I hope you guys like these because they're my favorite!! These two are from Minnesota and Mason surprised Miranda with tickets to Malibu the day before he planned to propose at this rad location. Obviously she didn't know about the proposal part, but she found out soon enough ;) 

I had never been to Point Dume before and I usually hate shooting in the middle of the day (sorry I love my golden hour) so I was a little nervous about finding a good spot that wasn't crowded and if the light was going to be too harsh BUT everything turned out pretty perfect in the end. I got there early to scope things out, decided this spot on the edge of the cliff would be awesome and Mason was down for the idea, so I just waited for them to show up! 

Once at the spot, Mason asked someone for a cell phone photo of the two of them and after a quick snap he got down on one knee and you know how the rest goes... (hint: she said YES). Scroll down to see the photos!


Ally - Greenhouse Shoot + Imperial Sand Dunes

I was originally going to write 2 separate blogs for these shoots because they're from different days and different locations but since I'm months behind on posting (as per usual), I'm clumping them together here. But hey - you get to enjoy more photos of Ally all at once and I get to check blogging 2 shoots off my to-do list. Win win. 

Anyways, if you know me you know I'm obsessed with plants and if you've ever shot with me then I've probably positioned you next to (or completely inside) a bush or some kind of green grassy thing. So like a greenhouse is basically heaven to me and I was super excited to shoot here with Ally. We took some photos inside, out by the huge planters in the parking lot, and then walked around the neighborhood a little bit for a few shots while the sun was going down. Below are some of my favorites!

These next photos are from a fun little trip we took to the Imperial Sand Dunes! Ally was a champ being the only model and having 3 photogs with their cameras in her face the whole time. Also there was the wind. And the sand. We all ate so much sand and each at one point had to run around chasing our belongings that kept blowing away hahaha. Fun times. This is honestly still one of my favorite locations ever and I can't wait to go back again. 

Maddy + Michael - Vasquez Rocks

Vasquez Rocks is a location I've been wanting to shoot at for months and I couldn't have found a more perfect couple to photograph there. Maddy and Micheal were so fun and even though it was super cold and gloomy they killed it! 

I had a really hard time narrowing these down to just a few so here are a million photos from this session because they're all my favorite!