Kauai, Hawaii Secret Beach Elopement

Not sure exactly where to start with this Secret Beach elopement in Kauai because everything about it was amazing!! The couple, the styling, the location, the weather, it was all perfect.

This place is actually called Kauapea Beach in Hawaii but gets its nickname because of how secluded it is. The trail is pretty steep and it takes a bit of effort to get all the way down to the beach. I really didn't notice the steepness on the way there because I was gawking at my surroundings the whole time. You're literally walking through a JUNGLE. Everything is so lush and green and when we reached the point of the trail where we could see the beach through all the trees, it was like looking through a window straight into paradise. Now on the way back up, it was a different story - the climb is a workout and you will definitely feel it in your legs the next day hahaha.


Kalena and Brandon are an actual dream couple and it was an honor to get to photograph them. They are so kind and sweet and their love for each other shows so evidently in every single interaction. And I mean, it also didn’t hurt that they are total babes. Kalena looked BOMB in her Rue De Seine Bridal dress and I am obsessed with how well it showed off her tattoos. I couldn’t help but snag a few photos of her by herself too!! 😍

Photographer: @carrierogersphotography
HMUA: @kauaiweddinghair
Dress: @ruedeseinebridal
Workshop: @wildandunwritten    
Design/Styling: @bixbyandpine
Florals: @kealohaflowers 

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