Downtown Los Angeles Rooftop Engagement Session - Tori + Chad

Downtown Los Angeles Rooftop Engagement Session

Downtown Los Angeles Rooftop Engagement Session

This rooftop engagement session in Downtown Los Angeles was perfect in so many ways! Tori and Chad are just so full of life and love for each other and it was a blast to hang out with them and capture both their playful and romantic sides. I’ve seriously never seen two people so photogenic in so many ways?!?!

We began our shoot on the street below a big parking garage that just happened to be CUTE AF with string lights up above us and trendy little shops all around, creating the perfect urban environment for their photos. Then after a quick outfit change we headed up to the garage rooftop where we were greeted with a nice view of the LA skyline! It was pretty gloomy and chilly up there, but after a fun game of tag, lots of dancing and piggy back rides, we didn’t even notice.

As I was editing these photos, I really fell in love with them in black and white so you’ll see a lot of those in the gallery below. Something about black and white makes me feel nostalgic and I think the moody weather and urban backdrop fit really well with that vibe. These are some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken, I hope you enjoy them too!

By the way! Tori is the sweetest human and she has her own Youtube channel where she shares lots of positive and encouraging videos. You can check it out here!

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