Ascot Hills, Los Angeles Couples Session

This couples session at Ascot Hill Park in Los Angeles was seriously a freakin blast!!!

My friend Aislinn flew into California a few days before our trip to Kauai for a photography workshop and wanted to do a shoot in LA so after connecting with Alden and Kevin through Instagram (which is how all friendships start now days, right?) we made it happen!

Ascot Hills is one of my favorite locations to go to if I want to do a sunset session in a really open area - lots of room for movement and the prettiest golden hour! The last time I was here the grass was more of a golden color (you can check out some photos from that shoot in this blog) which is a look I prefer over bright green, but it made it fun because it was almost like shooting at a completely new location! We kept saying it looked like Ireland because of how green the hills were and Ireland is awesome so you can’t really complain about that lol

Aislinn and I basically took turns directing and shot together the whole time and it was super fun to bounce ideas off each other and keep the energy going throughout the whole shoot! Alden and Kevin were SO much fun and I love that they were down for trying all of our crazy prompts and ideas. My favorite photos from this session are actually the ones where they are running together in direct sunlight (as opposed to my usual favorite backlighting). I’m starting to LOVE this kind of lighting and the contrast and shadows it creates in photos. Trying new things definitely pays off!