When Jesse and I decided to move to Los Angeles I think what I was most excited for (other than living in CALIFORNIA) was the road trip to get there! We sold almost everything we owned, only keeping what we could squeeze into my little Pontiac, and said goodbye to the town where we first met. We spent the first week and a half traveling within the midwest visiting family members before driving off across the country. From Missouri, we drove to Colorado, one of my new favorite places! We stayed there for a few days and were able to visit some of the coolest spots in the state. Below are a few of my favorite photos from our time there.


The drive from Colorado to Las Vegas was probably my FAVORITE part of the whole trip just because of the incredible sunset we got to see as we entered Arizona. Like holy cow, WOW. We stayed the night in Vegas, explored a little bit of the strip, and then completed our trip to LA the next day! If you have the chance to travel across the country with someone you love, I 100% recommend it. It's absolutely invigorating to experience so much NEW in such a short amount of time.