hi there!

i’m carrie — a full time wedding and elopement photographer based in southern california

first things first, i like cats

like a lot

if you’re a cat person then lemme hear ya say yeahhhh (please click the link so I don’t look stupid here LOL)

and if you’re not, then that’s cool too. i don’t discriminate. i’ll even encourage you to bring your pups to your engagement session if you have any!

i’m a pretty big weirdo in a lot ways but i believe you’re either really boring or lying if you say you aren’t one too

my sense of humor is a mix of twitter sarcasm, vine quotes, and memes and i reference spongebob a lot more than I should at my age

although i’m quite the homebody on a lot of days, i feel most alive and inspired when i’m outdoors exploring new places, hiking up mountains, and soaking in the last few minutes of an epic sunset

my kinda people

while you don’t have to look a specific way, make a certain amount of money, or be planning the fanciest, trendiest wedding to work with me, I do think it’s super important to choose a photographer that you vibe really well with and it’s just as important to me that I feel the same way. I work best with couples who are a little more laid back, young at heart, down to be silly and goofy, and who aren't afraid to show me how in love they are. I like capturing the intimate, romantic moments just as much as the messy, playful ones. those throw your head back belly laughs, eyes and nose crinkling smiles, tight hugs and sweet kisses, hair in face, dirt on your dress but I don’t even care kinda moments.

if that sounds like something you’re into, then let’s be friends.